Estate Planning and Probate

Planning for the disposition of your property at the time of your death is something most people tend to put off to another day.  Our experience in estate planning and probate have taught us that procrastination in estate planning is a bad idea.  The Law Offices of Thomas M. Herman can provide you with services related to the planning of your estate.  We have prepared wills and trusts for several years and stay fully abreast of developments in the estate planning area.

If you are facing the administration of an estate through the probate process in California, we can help you.  Probate in California can be complicated and frustrating, but with careful planning and administration, the time it takes and the amount it costs can be minimized.  Let us know how we can help you if a probate proceeding becomes necessary for you.  We are experienced in trust administration as well.  If you find yourself in the position of trustee, we can assist you in complying with your obligations.