Real Estate Law

Real Estate Attorney, Fortuna Real Estate Lawyer Thomas M. Herman

The Law Offices of Thomas M. Herman have a primary focus in the area of real estate law.  Mr. Herman has extensive experience both in transactions involving the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate and in litigating disputes regarding property rights.

Our office has assisted many clients with the purchase and sale of real estate.  While a real estate broker or agent is often involved with the purchase and sale of real estate, their services usually involve advertising the property and procuring a buyer.  When a seller has identified a buyer, or a buyer has located a property on their own, a real estate attorney is an appropriate professional to oversee the transfer.  We have helped many clients who have sold their real estate by way of a sale by owner.

We have extensive experience with disputes between neighbors involving easements, boundaries, water rights and the like.  Mr. Herman has handled cases where the government or a public utility has exercised its powers of eminent domain, or where actions of the government have damaged our client's property, known as inverse condemnation.  We have obtained title through litigation by way of adverse possession, and easements by prescription.  We are experienced with construction contracts and construction defect litigation.  Mr. Herman can represent you in a partition action or help with vesting title for multiple owners.  He can help with divestitures of title with respect to Medi-Cal reimbursement.